Clairvoyant Guidance

I am a certified Clairvoyant.
Clairvoyant Guidance is very useful.
During a session I am in contact with my guides from the universe.
They provide me the relevant information.
My guides will contact the guides for the client.
When contact is established I receive the relevant theme for the client.
Afterwards i receive the cause for this theme.
The course can be in present or a previous life.
When the cause is clear I receive relevant tools for the client to be able to move on.
Afterwards it only depends on the client working with the tools solving the theme.
Themes are many dirrerent things.
For instance I have had clients with the below themes

Some are confused about how to move forward in life.
Writer,s block.
Not feeling good enough.
Lack of Energy.
Lack of performance.

You can probably imagine the number of existing themes are countless.
Du kan receive clairvoyant guidance for all kinds of questions in life.
You will always receive tools to move on.
Maybe the outcome is not at all what you expected, but then again, you wound not need to consult me for guidance.

Some clients are happy with one consultation.
Some clients return several times for consultations.

Achievements from Claivoyant Guidance

Various Achievements can be experienced from Claivoyant Guidance

More happiness.
More independency.
Fulfilling of dreams and goals.
More Authentic
You will move forward on your path in life
To only focus on you (at blive i dig selv).
Find your intuitive skill and start using it.

Others will start to listen to you and find you trustworthy.
You will be able to focus on the positive moments in life more than the negative ones.
Obtain ability to be around all types of people – also the ones with Negative behavior.
Stress Healing .
To let go of beliefs and behaviour from an earlier life.

The skills I have learned throughout my life that I describe on the page can also be Achieved.

My skills

The below skills I have learned in this life.
I will be more than happy to teach you some of or all of these skills.
The more you work accomplishing the skills the faster you will learn off course.

I am good at only focusing on me. (Jeg er god til at blive I mig selv)
I am able to seperate people from their actions.
I say no/reject lovingly.
I accept the ups and downs in life.
I meditate/visualize.
I know how to consult my own personal guide from the spirit world.
I work with the light to stay happy.
I do what is best for me.
I stay happy even if through negative experiences.
I am responsible for my health including staying healthy.
I love me.
I feel confident about me.
I do not live in fear.
I am responsible for everything in my life.

My Story

I wrote my story.
I describe the events in my life that brought me to where I am today.
I will make me happy if you will read it.

Read My Story

Facebook Group

I am an adminstrator of a closed facebook group


If you are positively interested in clairvoyance please apply to become a member of my group.
Í will love it if you join.
Please book a clairvoyant guidance by mail to  lotte @ botteleth . com


Lotte Eulalia Botteleth
I am a Clairvoyant.
I have a very strong Intuition.
I communicate with angels and guides.






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