Speech about how to use negative thoughts and negative experiences to become happy, reach your personal goals and fulfill your dreams.

Show who you are.
Get a more successful life.
Improve your relationships related to family, job, dating, friends and so on.

Why is forgiveness important.
Learn to forgive everything possible in a way that will even boost you and move you forward.

Let IT guide you on your spiritual path.
– for IT developers and other technical people

Intuitive Mindfulness where i will talk about different subjects relevant for the audience.
It is possible to start out with a small group meditation exercise, but this is optional.

Speech about my interpretation of a given clairvoyant or spiritual subject or workshops about different subjects can be arranged.

Speech about how to get back on our path in life and how to move forward on this path.

Learn to meditate and consult you personal guide.

Please contact me personally.

Please call or mail:

+45 6122 2389 /booking @


Lotte Eulalia Botteleth
I am a Clairvoyant.
I have a very strong Intuition.
I communicate with angels and guides.






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