Minestrone Soup


Today I created my own Minestrone.
I love soups – it’s my favorite dish.
I allways mix up a lot of vegetables.
This one came out so good that I want to save the recipe.
I always on use organic ingredients to minimize the amount of additives.

1 box of chopped tomatoes.

5 potatoes chopped into small pieces.

4 big carrots chopped in the electronical chopper.

5 cloves of garlic – also big ones – chopped in the electronic chopper.

1 piece of ginger – average size – sliced.

1 banana sliced into thin pieces.

5 teaspones of coconotoil.

1 squeezed lemon.

2 spoon of coconutsugar.

2,5 dl of peas.

4 rhubarbs cut into thin slices.

1 big onion cut into slices.

1 teaspoon of chili flakes.

1 teaspoon of cane.

1,5 liter of water.

1-2 dl. cream. (if you are vegan/or xxxxx use a can of coconut milk instead which I think will be delicious)

3 spoonful of ketchup. (I had a leftover of some homemade ketchup that I added.)

Salt and pepper after your tast.

Boil it into everything is very well cooked.
Then your done.
Bon appetite.


Remember to adjust the ingredients for your taste.
I take no responsibility for your final course. ❤️