My META-HEALTH base course

Last week I did a META-Health base course.
In short META-Health is all about what our body is telling us when we are sick.
I think it is very interesting.
When I was in my 20’ies I was educated as a doctors secretary.
The education included a lot of stuff about anatomy and diseases.
I was always very fascinated by anatomy and diseases.
I think almost everyone that has been close to me – will agree on – that I was always obsessed with diseases.
Later in my life I learned to cure myself.
Today I am almost never sick.
Sometimes it happends and then I usually know what is the course for it.
This means I can work on the course and therefore have a fast recovery.
Therefore when I found out this course existed I immediately signed up for it.
I even bought this huge book by the founder of META-Health that explains all details of almost all possible diseases.
Studying this book really pleases my inner nerd – I love it.
Maybe for some people this will not make sense at all, but to me it is very obvious and works.
I think everyone should treat their health and diseases in the way that makes sense to them.
I really love that I did this course.