Renewal of My Name : Lotte Eulalia Botteleth

Finally my name is changed.
I have been wanting to do that for years.
My lastname Spangsbo was a name I got from a marriage.
I did not really feel any relation to this name.
I contacted a numerologist who helped my find the perfect name for me.
I wanted to keep Lotte and Botteleth since I am related to these names.
My previous name Lotte Botteleth Spangsbo was changed to this name :
Lotte Eulalia Botteleth.
I am really happy about my new name – I really feel good about it.
I identify myself with this name, meaning  “sweetly-speaking” & “to talk”, with ease.
I will love it if you decide to join my clairvoyance facebook group.
Thank you for your attention.
Have a lovely day.
Lots of Light and Love for You.