The biggest attention at my stay in Barcelona By Botteleth

The biggest attention at my stay in Barcelona goes to my fur slippers.
So many people either asked me about them, thought they were nice or pointed smilingly at them.
It was so funny.
I wear them in this foto sitting at the harbor.
When I took this photo my iPhone was on a selfie stick.
The phone actually fell down between the wooden planks.
It was only wired to the stick – a really thin wire.
But still – IT CAME BACK UP – through the tiny space between the planks.
I was amazed.
A couple sitting next to me on a bench saw it and was also very surprised.
We all laughed.
I got up and moved on even happier than I was before I sat there.
I am so greatful that the phone came back to me. I really appreciate it.
Have a great day – I know I will.
Thank you for your time.
Lots of Love. ❤❤❤