Art Photography by Lotte Botteleth

It is all about colours, light and expressions


Fly on the Wings in Feathers


Model is Stine

Model is exposed in different looks

Fly on the Wings in Feathers


Alluring Doll Grotesque


Model is Michaela

Model is exposed in our interpretation of a mature Barbie doll



An Eventful Birdcage of Various Feathers


Model is Stine

Model is exposed in different looks

An Eventfuld Birdcage of Various Feathers


Sense of White


Model is Jeanne

Model exposes her energies

Everything is white



Birds Boudoir


I love birds

To me birds are alluring, beautiful, dramatic, wild, free and full of feathers

I always want to create human birds


Recrystallizing Like Marble


Model is Cecilie

Beutiful and with a lot of expression



By the Coloured Water


Model is Aminah

Her looks a very appealing and the camera loves her

She is very creative and has a lot of expressions



Hiding by the Car


This is Aminah


She is aesthetically very appealing


Her charisma is exposed in the sun



In the Nest


This is Sasha


My idea was to create a female bird


My vision of a free bird surrounded by the sky





This is Helene


She is very fotogenic


She is exposed without exposing her gender



With a Twist


This is Cecilie


The idea was to do nudes without exposing her naked body


She is very beautiful and photographic appealing, I think



Allured by the Mysterious and Fatal


This is Stine


I love her looks


My camera loves her too



Morning Princess


This is Tina


She is very fotogenic


She is exposed very early in the garden of Frederiksberg



Without a Brush


Model is Aminah


Some of these photos are made by painting the light onto the model


Some of the photos are made by overexposing the light on the model



Creme Anglaise


This is Mille


I love her eye lashes and her hair


She is exposed looking like a doll



Scent of a Feminine Painting


Model is Michaela


The look of the model is very rare. It is very pretty, elegant, graceful and special


Michaela is exposed with body paint



Mermaid Exposure


Model is Pia


I love natural way of acting in front of the camera


She is exposed in her own natural beauty



Crown Princess


Model is Mille


Milles energy is exposed in the photos


The model is really beautiful I think



Sushi Hour


Model is Daniella


She acts very natural in front of the camera


She is exposed having a meal